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We'd like to introduce you to one of our newest band members, Bill Kline:

Bill Kline first started playing guitar and harmonica and singing in the late 60’s when he attended college.  Initially he played folk, country, and some rock and also wrote several songs.  After taking many years off to raise his three daughters, Bill finally caught the fever again.  He would play in the Comin’ Home Trio at his church back in North Carolina and also would perform solo at Nursing homes and other venues. 
Bill moved to Texas in 1993 and on November 16, 1997, he went to a Bluegrass jam and has never been the same.   Since that time he has also began playing the mandolin, banjo, and dobro.   The first Bluegrass band that Bill was in was Two R’ More out of the Dallas area, and since then he has played with many bands.  In 2002 and 2003 he had his own band that went by the names of Runaway Train and Bluegrass Stampede
Bill still enjoys writing songs and has written several Bluegrass and many Gospel songs.  He is a feature writer for the Southwest Bluegrass Club and currently lives in Denison, Texas.

Bill Kline